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Evolve your education services with modern technologies

Schools and colleges have ever-evolving communication needs, from teachers to students to administrative staff there is a need for effective coordination. Unified communications with its feature-rich VoIP systems ensure that the educational institutions have improved connectivity and management which are cost-effective.

Jane, owner of a private school in Miami realized last year how advanced communication systems can work towards the betterment of her school. Her school had a traditional communication system where the school administrators were managing two technologies with separate cabling systems. This was quite cumbersome to manage for their in-house IT person. There were frequent outages and maintenance issues. That is when she turned to RYC Business IT where their communication system was migrated to a single technology which helped her school in streamlining costs related to maintenance and repair.

In the K-12 institutes, students might not have a daily requirement for voice calls but they do rely on other forms of communication such as- assignments stream through email, students can also connect with various learning tools through the web. Similarly, the teachers and the administrative staff can use new features such as voicemail, web conferencing, and internet faxing for a faster turnaround.


Reduce costs with digital transformation

The on-premise PBX systems and traditional landline phones can be costly. Not only the equipment cost is high but maintenance gets more burdensome. Besides that, the schools need to have an in-house administration of a phone system or hire a technician which is an additional cost. However, cloud-based VoIP eliminates the need for dedicated in-house staff. The repairs and upgrades are also managed by the cloud service provider.

Furthermore, a unified communication system can link student accommodation, teaching areas, administrative blocks, libraries, and recreation areas across the campus. With a cloud-based solution, students and staff can collaborate and work from anywhere around the campus and on any device. The mobility extends to even staff and students who work from home or staff who is attending conferences in other parts of the country or overseas.

Improve communication systems with cloud telephones

The schools need to ensure that the parents are regularly updated on their ward’s progress, especially in the case of elementary and primary students. The schools can send parents updates and notifications via SMS or can intimate them about upcoming events, tests and even provide fee payment reminders through cloud telephony. Bulk SMS or voice calls can be easily done through this cloud-based solution.

Leap ahead with RYC Business IT

TThe cloud services from RYC Business IT can help your school stay productive during and outside of school hours by giving you secure access to important applications and files even when you are not in school. We ensure that the students and the faculty are safe online by our managed firewalls, anti-virus software, web-filtering which minimizes the risk of virus and malware infections. Our experienced professionals remotely monitor your information systems round-the-clock and take a proactive approach to technology.

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