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  • Do you want to streamline workflows for your contract management process in your real estate firm?
  • Do infrastructure accommodations and IT management hit your budget greatly?
  • Are you an architect or an interior designer who is looking to expand your client base?
If your answer to any of the questions above are “yes” then read below. From construction companies to general contractors to architects to real estate firms, they all have IT needs that are specific to their work environment. With RYC Business IT top-notch experienced team, we can provide you with all IT services Miami. We understand that having an entire department to keep your network up and running is a huge expense. This is where RYC Business IT comes in to ensure that you have minimal downtime, that your client’s and investor’s payment information is secured and that your business runs smoothly. Since the data is managed and securely stored by cloud service providers, this results in companies saving in costs by not having to create a special department or team to manage their data.

Leveraging cloud computing in the construction and real estate industry

In the construction industry, there is a constant change of workers and job site locations. The workers need timely access to company data for well-supported decision-making and reporting while they’re working on the field. Cloud computing offers remote access to the employees of construction companies from anywhere anytime. Employees can have access to business applications through a secure and web-based environment. They can transfer large files, share blueprints, interior design plans, large images, and site elevations securely between locations. Without the benefit of cloud computing, a business would only be able to update project information and perform a system-dependent task at their physical corporate office.

Most homeowners like to visually be able to see what changes will look like or what the final product will look like so construction businesses are always in need of finding a way to keep the homeowners up to date on their project. A great way of accomplishing this is by offering an interactive and virtual reality platform so that architects and designers can showcase the plans to their clients without being confined to their office space. RYC Business IT is able to offer a customized cloud solution that allows designers to model inside spaces. It offers not only portability and round-the-clock connectivity but they’re able to create a computer-generated representation of what a building interior will look like even while on the go.

Similarly, real estate firms have changed with cloud computing. Whether it’s marketing, customer relationship management, or property management, storing all the data in the cloud makes it accessible at all times. Features like remote access, shared-storage, and data-mining not only save money and improves business but can make the life of a real estate agent much simpler.

Real estate businesses have to store valuable information of clients such as credit scores, social security numbers, and payment details which require top-level security. This is why RYC Business IT incorporates the highest level of security to not only evade any cyber threat but also secure data in case of a disaster.

How RYC Business IT can help?

RYC Business IT as your IT service provider understands all of your business needs and ensures that the tech solutions that are offered are built on a solid foundation. We can be your trusted partner for all your construction, real estate, architecture, and interior designing IT support needs. Besides that, we provide the best IT support Miami and can also help you in IT equipment procurement and network designing of your offices.

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