VoIP & Unified Communications

  • Is your employee base active around the clock?
  • Do your employees have to do frequent client visits or are they deputed on the field?
  • Do you have clients across several countries?
  • Do you wish to expand your client base across the globe?

If your answers to any of the above questions are ”yes” then unified communications and Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can help you to take your business to the next level. It will give you the flexibility to expand beyond the “regular business hours”.


RYC Business IT understands that communication is the backbone of any business. With our Unified Communication and VoIP systems, we ensure that your employees can collaborate and communicate from anywhere, at any time.

Our VoIP services were recently availed by Franklin who owns a Transportation & Logistics company in Florida. Let’s look at how it helped him in growing his business.

Stay connected with VoIP and Unified Communications

A transportation & logistics company needs to ensure that the office staff and the drivers are always connected. Accurate tracking of business operations greatly impacts client satisfaction rate. This is what Franklin realized in the first year of starting his business and contacted RYC Business IT. The unique requirement of transportation sector could only be met by a reliable and flexible communication solution.

RYC Business IT provided him with VoIP PBX system which integrated a broad range of endpoints so that the existing equipment could be used. In addition, there was a scope for new devices, such as tablets and smartphones, to be added. This benefitted his company’s internal communication and provided cost savings. Most importantly, the existing resources were reused and incorporated into this new system.

Also, the company needed more collaboration tools like conferencing, webcast, and file transfer for their office staff to be more productive while staying at their location. This helped them reduce costs as there was less travel between locations and employees because they could connect both from home and at the office.


So, what is VoIP and Unified Communications?

No matter where your employees want to work from, they just need the internet and a smartphone or a laptop or desktop to work. Unified communications come into play as it makes collaboration easier and provides users with the power of voice, digital file sharing, conferencing and other alternatives to make them more productive.

Similarly, VoIP allows voice calls over the internet or data networks, for instance, Skype/Zoom/WhatsApp calls.

What does RYC Business IT offer?

Unified communication is a more secure way of connecting your employees, partners, and customers. It gives them the flexibility to connect from anywhere over voice, chat, or conferencing. The users can either be local or international and can use any medium of telecom like GSM/ISDN or VoIP, and SIP trunk to connect it. This makes the entire collaboration flexible for all the parties involved.

RYC Business IT has the experience with modern phone systems and we work to your complete satisfaction. Our team of experts seek to understand your business needs first and then work out a customized solution for you. We can deploy and support Cloud VoIP systems that can increase your technology reach while reducing your telecom costs.

Besides that, we provide complete IT support Miami and IT services Miami and ensure that the services you get are without any frills and the technology installation and management are appropriate at all times.

Contact RYC Business IT’s team to get a robust phone system for your business today!

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