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  • Are you struggling to build up the reputation of your law firm within the community?
  • Are you looking for new technologies to streamline the workflow of your law firm?
  • Are you trying to find ways to do legal research more quickly and efficiently?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then you need customized IT services to support your law firm.

When you’re a growing firm, there’s a lot to manage whether it’s clients, employees, cases, deadlines, and court documents amongst many of the other daily administrative tasks. In addition, there’s the management of IT and technology which can get a little overwhelming because you may need added infrastructure and resources to manage the universe of data that you have been collecting over the years. This is where RYC can step in to ensure that all of your IT support needs are taken care of and at the same time make them cost-effective.

With our team of legal IT experts, RYC Business IT can provide round-the-clock support for all your business needs. Whether you are a new law firm looking for IT set up or an established company that is looking for data security, storage, backup or any other day-to-day IT support our team of professionals can help you through it all.

Give your law firm a competitive edge with data analytics

Law firms have to deal with the ever-growing data of their clients and past cases. With data analytics, lawyers can make meaningful and actionable insights from their past data. It enables the attorneys to instantly synthesize numerous data points in order to see issues from different perspectives and ensure faster decision-making that is based on facts. Traditional methods of legal research and analysis can be unfeasible and time-consuming. Going back and forth to past case files and emails to find out what the result of a case was can be cumbersome. The data analytics team from RYC Business IT can provide law firm companies with a structure and visualization of the firm’s data so that lawyers are able to understand past results, time to resolution, forecast costs, and outcomes. This gives attorneys a competitive edge in the market because they’re able to serve their clients better and more efficiently in order to have successful outcomes.

Leverage the new technology and be proactive against threats with RYC Business IT

Technologies are changing constantly and to stay ahead in the IT growth curve you need to partner with a trusted managed service provider that can give you unlimited access to a team of technical experts and consultants. At RYC Business IT, we can guide you to the right IT solutions for your law firm as well as seamlessly deliver changes as per the business needs.

Data security in a law firm is of the utmost priority and a single breach can put your firm’s reputation at stake let alone lead to revenue loss. RYC Business IT ensures that we create a bullet-proof IT infrastructure and processes and also ensures that your firm is well equipped to handle any exigencies. We provide you with a single and secure cloud environment for your resources, data, and applications. With the flexible and scalable feature of cloud solutions, you don’t have to worry about forgetting an important document at a client meeting or in court. Your associates and firm will have on-demand access to documents or files from anywhere anytime.

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