Rebranding to RYC Business IT
We're pleased to announce that in December 2020, we underwent a name change from Revive Your Computer to RYC Business IT. Here at RYC Business IT, we have always prided ourselves on our name and we have always served our clients in the best way that we knew how!...
Work remotely, stay secure
With many employees suddenly working from home, there are things an organization and employees can do to help remain productive without increasing cybersecurity risk. While employees in this new remote work situation will be thinking about how to stay in touch with colleagues and coworkers using chat applications, shared...
New Microsoft Meet is NOW available on Microsoft Teams
Microsoft is pleased to announce that they've enabled users the ability to be able to view meetings and calls in separate windows along with the other recently announced features. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 57294 When did this happen? Microsoft rolled it out in June...
Microsoft Teams Planner App will become the Tasks App
The Planner app in Teams will become the Tasks app. Users will now be able see their individual tasks and team tasks in a single app. Microsoft is also introducing both a list view and a new mobile tasks experience within the Teams app for mobile devices. The Planner...
RYC Business IT is Awarded Top Managed IT Service Provider in Florida by Clutch
At RYC Business IT, we pride ourselves on creating long lasting partnerships with our clients based on their success. Unlike most IT companies, we dedicate time to meet your staff, work with them, and learn your business processes. This ensures that we can help make sure the technology is...
Enterprise Wi-Fi for Small Business: fix slow mesh networks
What is mesh WiFi? Mesh wifi networks solve a particular problem for small business: covering a relatively large area, more than about 1,000 square feet on a single floor, or a multi-floor office, with minimal costs while eliminating slow wifi networks. This is especially important where there’s no ethernet...
Phishing Emails- A Serious Threat To Both Individuals And Companies
Phishing attacks have become more rampant than ever before. You might receive innocent looking e-mail from your Bank, asking for your credit card number or any other piece of sensitive information - but what you may not realize is that the e-mail could have come from a hacker. Once...


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